Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Location: Grand Rapids, Mich.

It has been fairly uneventful travel... Fine scenery though. Near Grand Rapids at lunch time we decided to stop for a bite to eat at B King. Spying a familiar sign , we pull into a fast-food restaurant. The land yacht won't fit through the drive up so we dine inside . Behind the counter, a man looked familiar. He wasn't dressed like the others in their paper hats and blue tunics. He stood 6 ft. or so with an imposing build. His eyes hiding behind dark aviation glasses and his cheeks carpeted by sideburns. His name tag said Boyd Sivle but there was more to him. His rhinestone cape gave it away . This man was a man of importance... He was the manager.

Boyd Sivle nodded and motioned me to the end of the counter. He said " I see by the KTM jackets y'all are bike riders. Me too, for a long time. If you're interested we can serve you a real good lunch, off menu." (Roscoe's Restaurant Review:) He favored us with the house special. Promptly returning, it arrived piping hot in its obligatory packet and (having been on a steady diet of hamburgers), I inquired about the contents within the polystyrene container. Expecting to hear "burger", I was surprised when he replied, "It’s the chicken fried steak...mighty tasty." I was skeptical.

This wasn't the deep fried swill you can remember from the high school lunch line...... Mashed potatoes, green beans, and a large homemade roll swamped with butter accompanied this chicken fried steak! All but the roll slumbered under a blanket of white gravy one fourth of an inch thick and forming a thin skin as it cooled. A coronary thrombosis awaited and I knew it. I was excited yet frightened.

I wasn't sure what to do. I knew that it was this or the peanut butter & jelly sandwich with the side of cheetos that I was saving from mornings breakfast so, with great hesitation, I took the first bite. This stuff was okay. A few mouthfuls I realized that this was GREAT. Four minutes later, foaming gravy at the mouth, I swear to God I saw Elvis or I swear to Elvis I saw God. I don't know.... I wasn't sure then, I'm not sure now. I do know that was the best chicken fried steak I've ever put down my gullet!


At 12:39 AM, Blogger Old Bob's said...

Not to be some mamby pamby what do ya call it but...Why to they call it a chicken fried steak? What is a steak? I am old and confused but I do know one thing I have to visit this dinner but I need something to think about on my drive up.So why and what? OB

At 10:18 AM, Blogger josh williams said...

I dont know ask Roscoe.


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