Friday, August 12, 2005

Location: Red Bud, Buchanan, Mich.

We haven't checked in recently because we've been having a hard time finding an Internet connection. It's real tough with this system. First you have to find a pay phone where you can pull the camper close. Then you get to splice a patch cord to the pay phone and string it through the window to the laptop. Most businesses are reluctant to let you do this so It's much easier to wait until after they are closed under the cover of darkness. We are working on a better system.

We stopped in Buchanan. I haven't been here since the late 70's. Wyatt and I loaded my Country Squire one fine September afternoon anticipating a warm and enjoyable weekend of professional motocross . We're gonna see our heros; Roger DeCoster, Bob " Hurricane " Hannah, and others. We arrived amid successive snow, sleet and rain squalls. We froze our backsides off in 3 in. of mud. Weekend highlights included seeing Chuck Sun break his Husky in two , snapping the frame just behind the triple clamp . Someone carried the forks as Chuck struggled to drag the back half of the bike to the truck. Bob Hanna nearly hit me in the pits screaming "YOU-DA-MUNNA-FA -!!!!" I'm not exactly sure what he was saying. I do know that if he had been 2 inches closer, he would have been trailing my innards from his handlebars , stringing them through the pits like crime scene tape. You missed me Bob, a true professional, and I'll say it right back at you " YOU-DA-MAN!!! "


At 2:17 PM, Blogger Old Bob's said...

You and this Wyatt fella are good people.

At 10:42 PM, Blogger josh williams said...

Chuck Sun has a nick name either he or Chuck Williams has invented . You can ask if you email Chuck W, Chuck S will tell but want credit. So you choose the lesser of two Chuck evils.


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