Friday, August 26, 2005

Location: Sunrize Acres, Jackson, Mich.

We circled the countryside of Jackson, lost. We were drawn there in some pilgrimage not understanding what we were looking for or where to find it. We'd apparently cruise the main strip once too often, or that's what the local cop said. Eyeball on the camo-camper he asked if we were looking for Ted. I looked to Lorileelee and she blurted out an enthusiastic " you bet ". I was oblivious. . . She shrugged her shoulders as the cop returned to his cruiser. A moment later , he returned with a sketch map and explained how to find Sunrize Acres . We loaded up and away wanting to avoid any misunderstanding.

Figuring why not, we followed the trail to an arbored gate. A guy in battle dress took one look and waved us past. Lorileelee and I, bewildered at this point, parked the rig in an open spot. As we surveyed haven, a large stage flanked by speaker towers and light canopy occupied one end of the clearing. Across the compound I spied racks of crossbows, several quad bikes, olive drab shelters, and an open fire above which a porcine carcass cooked slowly. At a distant shelter, a door opened slightly. It then flew open and a long haired man exited in a half run toward us.

He reached us with an open hand and said "Rippin Class C you got. Did you know there is a chimpanzee knocking the rooftop air conditioner? ". "You folks will be sticking around for the show tonight." We acknowledged his greeting, confirmed Tater's amorous behavior and obliged his invitation. He must have been Ted.

Hours later, fat on wild boar, we with a few hundred others were treated to one of Ted's concerts. In the middle of his last solo, a dark shadow could be seen over head. I looked around and realized Tater was missing. His affinity for electricity lured him into the lights 20 ft. above. At the height of Ted's effort the beast grabbed an electric umbilical and the sky exploded. From the primate Tesla coil, lightning radiated to the speakers setting off acoustic Roman candles and in an instant the whole place was black and quiet except for the thud of Tater's return. We managed to scoop him into the camper during the confusion and effect an inconspicuous departure amid a cavalry of emergency equipment. Tater is a little groggy but seems to be coming out of the ordeal.


At 12:02 AM, Blogger PPPMoney said...

Glad to hear Tater's okay. That must have been quite an ordeal for him. See, that's what I need... a chimpanzee. Life would be much more exciting and adventurous with a chimp.
'Keep On Truckin'!

At 11:19 PM, Blogger Jessica Rabbit said...

I live near Jackson.. Cool site!

At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6:47 PM, Blogger josh williams said...

I think Tater was fakin' just looking for attention as you well know chimps love attention...You ever looked at your airco with a black light? Bet it looks like the Milkey Way. JW


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