Monday, October 31, 2005

Location: Indianapolis - Another Version

A short stay in Indianapolis allows a visit with old friend, Larry. Larry is one individual who expresses an inventive and resourceful nature. I have watched him run dual engined go karts fearlessly in unlimited class competition. A Harley rider for many years , he is taking on a new project this winter . Construction is under way on his Vanguard V-twin Cushman scooter. An 18 horsepower engine connected to a torque converter, taken from a mini dragster, will turn an ultralite aircraft wheel and tire . Larry plans to ride this machine to both Daytona and Sturgis. If his calculations are correct he will do it at speeds nearing 79 mi. an hour. We will preview his route to Sturgis hoping to find smooth roads and interesting places. I will monitor Larry's progress.

I received an e-mail with the attached photograph of this terrific boat. It would be great to have a place that I can get a way to do no more than take a nap without interruption. I don't know a lot about boats but this one has a little bit for everybody. It has a nice upper deck cabin that Leelee might enjoy . It also has a rooftop air conditioner to keep Tater off the streets. The lower deck has plenty of storage for sporting gear. I figured before I bought the thing, I better take it out for a spin. After a few phone calls I had Charlie, Wyatt, and Dirtbugger collected for a run to Eagle Creek reservoir, just west of Indianapolis, to see if this boat was too good to be true. We also thought we would get in a little late season Crappie fishing.

Like I said before, I don't know a lot about boats. I don't even swim. So, after rounding up the experts I found a flotation device, a pith helmet and I was ready to go. Wyatt knows all about boats... He has owned a few and sold a few marine toilets in his day. Charlie can be pretty handy with the wrench when it comes to tinkering on boat motors. Dirtbugger, a pretty decent angler, should sniff out the Crappie and have our live wells full in no time. The only glitch would be that Eagle Creek allows only 10 horsepower motors on its watercraft. As shown in the picture, this baby had two, 20 horsepower thunderbolts. Charlie did the math for an easy fix. If we throttled up only one fourth of the way between that turtle and the rabbit, we would only be using 10 horsepower of the available 40. Load up the monkey and the beverage coolers. We are off on a pleasant shake down.

Charlie got behind the steering wheel... err uhm the helm, and launched the boat. In short order we were away from the docks into the open seas of Indiana. In about 400 yds both good and bad points about boating became evident. Charlie, twirling a wrench in his hand, declared that two outboard engines were an asset. The debate of the better two stroke verses for stroke engine was no problem here... we had the best of both worlds. Wyatt enthusiastically pointed out that the amount of oil being puked by the 2 stroke would leave a slick where ever we go. "If we get lost , set it on fire and it will light us all the way to home port. " Tater played with the bait while Dirtbugger stood on the bow like Ahab looking for that White Ghost, the elusive albino Crappie took his finger... explaining a wooden prosthesis and long torment of insplintered nasal passages.

The engines piped along while Dirtbugger baited hooks and Wyatt explained the nuances of a pok-a-dot Hula Popper. Charlie sang the song about ladies of Spain, the one Robert Shaw sang in Jaws. All was right. I was happily enjoying the boat I would buy when BANG! That "Time Dilation" crap started again. The bow lunged into the surf scooping up 8 inches of water. I looked to Charlie as he scrambled to stop the now airborne propellers. Wyatt dove for is tackle box while Tater climbed the rigging to the air conditioner, one last Titanic amorous adventure. I tumbled the length of the boat holding my pith helmet. Brother Dirtbugger grabbed me by the collar just before I flew over the railing to my watery grave. Saving my life, he must have figured that since I had not signed off on the boat that it was not yet part of my estate. I let out a scream... Not one of those manly " I'm the captain, now hear this " screams but a high-pitched, little girly, " look a spider " screams. I'm not proud... Friggen boats!


At 5:34 PM, Blogger josh williams said...

Reminds me of a real life adventure I had years ago on Eagle Ocean. That Wyatt fella probably saved the day knowing him, one cool cat!

At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO... holy shit... now THATS a boat!


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