Friday, December 16, 2005

Location: Central Florida II

Tater and I awaited the arrival of Leelee and Freak Show Roy. Along the way, Freak Show watched a documentary called " Mule Skinner Blues " and was compelled to track down a lady named Annabelle Lea Usher. Ms. Usher was a costume designer and had acted in a short movie called "Turnabout is Fair Play". She told the story of her pit bull terrier which she called companion for eight years. She found the beast abused, burned by cigarettes, missing a fang tooth, and addicted to cocaine. She rehabilitated the animal by feeding it a beer every day for a month to get it over the shakes. The dog lived a happy life but when it died, she couldn't bear to bury it nor did she have the money to have it taxidermied. She wrapped it in a blanket and laid the canine to its final rest in her chest freezer. Star struck, Freak Show found it imperative that he and I make our way to Jacksonville. He thought she had a kind face and a great story. Personally, I thought she had a nice freezer.

Following the race car debacle, I planned to give Freak an ear full but decided to let it ride for a while when I found out that Leelee and he had been fighting since a Chattanooga crematorium tour. I will tell you that the Cushman scooter boys are having a blast. The bikes were very comfortable at speeds up to 55 mi. an hour. Above that, the short wheelbases grow a little unstable. Their first time runs are impressively successful. Tater liked the looks of the bikes so much that he took a picture with his camera.

Later we headed down the state to Gibsonton, a famous side show wintering town. Freak Show wanted to visit a few people that he knew. Along the way, we've meandered the state intentionally avoiding the Interstate. Highlights included Christmas, home of the largest gator ever built; Kissimmee, home of the second largest gator ever built; Orlando's Graceland replica; Bongoland in Port Orange was closed; St. Augustine, world's largest ball of barbed wire; Tarpon Springs chimp farm was closed but the Sponge-a-rama . . .WOW! Tater had a great time. He swam with manatees and insisted upon wearing scuba flippers on his hands and feet. Freak Show took his picture but it didn't turn out. Mostly, the roads just look like oranges, oranges, oranges, gator, oranges, armadillo, oranges, dead armadillo (maybe) .

We looped the state, having fun. Driving north on the Atlantic side, we passed Kennedy Space Center. Tater grew restless. We're about to find a Vet when Freak Show suggested that he might be a little home sick. It seems Tater grew up in the area.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger josh williams said...

I saw "Mule Skinner Blues" bootleg copy, and I'll be damned if it was not the best movie I ever see'd!

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Marcus said...

Josh and Roscoe, weather you’re cell mates or one of the same (I think it is the same guy) please refrain from posting your witty comments everywhere under anonymous or untraceable names. For a guy who claims to read and write real good I would think that you were intelligent enough to realize that your (both the mule and roscoe which happen to be identical) IP address is everywhere you place your wisdom. Weather I get into your blog or not is not important, what is however is that if you’re going to leave snide little comments, please have the intestinal fortitude to leave your true identity. Also, please remember this (the IP address) as you vote for your blogs several times a day. If you want to be on top just let everyone know, I am sure that they will let you.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Roscoe said...

JW – Yes, Quite a story.

M – I can assure you that Josh and I are not the same person / blogger / commenter. I’ve known Josh for many years and yes, I vote for his blog (and others) often. Currently, that seems to be ok with Tom’s blogs. You know well that only one vote registers per IP per day. There are many good bloggers on the list. Others contribute the mundane, or celebrate their last bowl movement.


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